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Honeycomb [Cadmium] version 1.1.0
UPDATED IN 1.1.0: Added a set of icons for the entire Adobe Creative Suite collection.
:new:This includes:
:bulletyellow: After Effects
:bulletyellow: Bridge
:bulletyellow: Dreamweaver
:bulletyellow: Encore
:bulletyellow: Flash
:bulletyellow: Flash Builder
:bulletyellow: Fireworks
:bulletyellow: Illustrator
:bulletyellow: InDesign
:bulletyellow: Lightroom
:bulletyellow: Muse
:bulletyellow: Prelude
:bulletyellow: Premiere Pro
:bulletyellow: SpeedGrade

Also included, but not part of the Adobe Suite:
:bulletyellow: Apache Open Offlice
:bulletyellow: CEMU
:bulletyellow:  NZXT CAM
:bulletyellow: Mozilla Thunderbird
Bugfixes: Installing this icon set should no longer overwrite APIIUM's Honeycomb skin, if you happen to also have his version of the skin installed as well.
UPDATED IN 1.0.1: The Chrome icon. I wasn't happy with it, and so it got a pretty nice makeover.
A skin for Rainmeter. All coding and icon design credits go to APIIUM .  All I added to this pack was a recoloration of his insanely popular Honeycomb skin for Rainmeter, found here .
I, personally, am not one for colorful icons that don't go with my desktop theme, so I got inspired  to create a simplified icon set that will match anything! At first, I was just going to edit the icons and keep this set for my own personal use, but I thought I did such a great job that I should share these with everyone! In my version, I added some more icons for programs that I had but weren't in the original package.
:new: These icons include:
:bulletyellow: Avast!
:bulletyellow: Diablo 3
:bulletyellow: Discord
:bulletyellow: Heroes of the Storm
:bulletyellow: Logitech Gaming Software
:bulletyellow: Notepad++
:bulletyellow: Overwatch
:bulletyellow: Razer Synapse
:bulletyellow: Tixati
:bulletyellow: World of Warcraft


To learn how to do this, visit APIIUM's Honeycomb deviation page and scroll to the bottom of the description. There are links there that will help you. I linked the page in the first line of my description. Click it if you need help!

:bulletblack: If I get enough requests, I will make a dark version of this very same skin for the melanophiles (lovers of darker colors!) out there. :bulletblack:

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